Living Benefits are the New Standard in Life Insurance

A sound financial plan includes life insurance with Living Benefits. Life can change in a split second, make sure your loved ones are covered no matter what comes.

What kind of life insurance is protecting your family?



The vast majority of life insurance policies in force out there are traditional “death benefit only” policies.  They pay out a lump sum of death benefit to the insured’s family if the insured dies.


New, Living Benefits-infused policies work the exact same way if the insured dies – it pays out the same amount in the same way.  BUT, Living Benefits allow the insured to access that death benefit *while they’re still alive* if they suffer any one of dozens of triggering illnesses or injuries.  Cancer, heart attack, stroke, major organ transplant, blindness, ALS, and paralysis are just a few of the conditions covered.


With Living Benefits, you can get hundreds of thousands of dollars in your hands instantly if you get seriously sick or injured.  With traditional policies, you only get money if you die.


Living Benefits policies cost the same as the old kind.  It’s not more expensive coverage; it’s just newer and better.

We are the nation's leader in Living Benefits life insurance. For over 20 years, educating and providing American families with a revolutionary “new kind” of protection has been our crusade.

What do our clients think about Living Benefits?

"They got a check for over $340,000 in the first year they had the policy when they needed it most..."

"Get your family protected, you won't regret it..."

Watch as Latasha tells the story of how her Living Benefits life insurance plan sprung into action at the time she needed it most...

So what are you waiting for?

  • Get quick quote over the phone in minutes
  • No hassle application process - just a few questions
  • No Medical Exam up to $1 million of coverage
  • Typically costs the same as regular coverage
  • Sleep well knowing your family is protected

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